National touring comedian Rich Ragains has appeared on NBC, CMT, FOX (LaughsTV), The Bob & Tom Show, is a contributor to National Lampoon’s Sports Minute and can be heard on SiriusXM Radio.


  Chosen as the host of Speed channel’s Busted Knuckles, Rich has authored a book (No Excuse Dad), has appeared in commercials (Buckhead’s), web series (Tractor Fanatic), cell phone videos (New Years fireworks), and recently acted in his first film (Bethlehem).


  With an honest, down-to-earth, animated style of humor, wit and genuine curiosity, Rich takes the straight talk from the country and combines it with the open mindedness of the city. A father of two, he “doesn’t waste his precious time we have on this earth with a buncha side steppin' hooey”. A self-professed southern culture enthusiast, Rich is charming, sincere and has never met a stranger.


  Rich Ragains has performed for many charities, corporate groups, private shows, and continues to perform at top comedy clubs around the country. Rich has opened for Steve Harvey, Ray Romano, Carrot Top, Larry the Cable Guy and Dave Chappelle.



Laughs on FOX. One minute standup clip. Circa 2014. Season 1, Episode 4


Across the River. One minute Buckhead Mountain Grill commercial.


CMT Comedy Stage. Six minute clip. Circa 2007


CMT Comedy Stage "Comedian Closeup". Three minute segment. Circa 2007


Tractor Fanatic Web Series. Episodes 1011-1022. Approx five to ten minutes each.


Busted Knuckles One minute pilot tease


Busted Knuckles Full episode. Ten minutes.



Southern Culture Enthusiast  Eleven funny tracks.